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Why is Alfred failing to lock?



  • Malcolm

    For anyone else having problems, this is what happened to me:

    The thing that did NOT work was locking from the outside or locking from the app.

    It was still possible to manually lock and unlock using the turn dial on the inside.
    It was still possible to unlock from the outside using the PIN code and it was possible to unlock using the app.
    However, when unlocking the door it did not give the usual two beep chime.

    The app was showing the batteries still had about 40% power so I did not try changing them immediately, but once I did change them there was a new symptom.
    Now, with batteries at 100%, when I unlocked the door (either manually, with PIN or with the App) an alarm would sound for several seconds and my phone showed a 'malfunction warning' notification. After going into the app and finding the list of notifications (under 'Activities') it more specifically said 'Mechanical failure'.

    I took the back off and adjusted the turning pin and made sure it was more securely in place and that fixed everything.
    I think what had happened was - through a combination of cold weather causing the door to stick slightly, and us pushing and banging the door to try and loosen things - we had caused the turning pin mechanism to be slightly out of place.

    Without the 'mechanical failure' message after I had put in new batteries I would likely still be trying to reset to factory settings, or re-install the app as I did multiple times.

  • Troy White

    Won't lock without giving the door that extra little tug , striker is fine , batteries are new, regardless if using the app or manual locking .... the lock gets to a point and needs that extra turn to fully be locked . It's like there's a tight spot just as it locks


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